When it comes to remodeling your home, what comes to mind? The kitchen? A bathroom? Those two spaces are the most-renovated rooms in a house for sure, but there’s plenty of other home renovations you can do, as well. For this article, we wanted to talk about closets. Closets are essential to a home.They house our clothes, shoes, boxes, holiday decorations, food, and more!

Many homes don’t come built with the best closet space, and many homes don’t give you enough close space, so why not customize a new-and-improved closet for yourself? Whether you’re redoing a hallway closet or a dressing room area, we’ve got you covered at Sunset Builders & Maintenance. We take pride in our top-quality service and we’re experts in existing space renovation. Let us help you transform your drab or tiny closet into a space that will “wow”you!

We wanted to share with you some fun and practical ideas for closets in your home.

  • Install a window or skylight into your closet. Closets are usually dark inside, and it can be hard to see or find anything. With the light from a window, you’ll be able to grab what you’re looking for a lot easier.
  • Make a bathroom closet have glass or mirrored sliding doors. The sliding doors will save you space in the bathroom, and the glass will make the bathroom appear bigger.
  • Turn your closet into a dressing room or office space. Bring in chairs and a table.This room can be a private space for you to dress, think, or work.
  • Install shelves and storage all around the closet, so it looks like you’re walking into a store!
  • Paint your closet bright and cheery colors, so you always have positive vibes when entering the room.
  • Use motion sensors so whenever you walk in the room the lights will come right on.
  • Dedicate a section of the closet for the washer and dryer. Now, the second you undress,you can toss your clothing right in to be washed.
  • Install an island or counters into the closet. You can lay out clothes to either fold them or for inspiration while putting outfits together.
  • Build cabinet space into your closet so you can store accessories, socks, underwear,and other items.
  • Make your closet have a French door with colored or frosted glass.

Need to redo a closet in your home? Let’s make this space fabulous for you!  Whether you need better organization or want a luxurious look, our team at Sunset Builders can create for you a dream closet space. We’d love to hear your closet renovation ideas!

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