When it comes to bathroom design, you have seemingly endless options. Your taste combined with your budget, space, and the contractor’s vision will help create a room that fits your vision and needs. However, when designing a bathroom, there are some design tips and principles you should think about and follow, so your bathroom is guaranteed to look aesthetically better.

  • Don’t try to squeeze too many things into your bathroom. Work with your space. Don’t force things into the space. Choose items based on space. You want enough room to stand, walk around, dry off, turn, etc. Don’t cramp up the bathroom filling it with too many separate fixtures.
  • Install plenty of storage to decrease unattractive clutter. Clutter makes a bathroom more stressful and tense to be in, when in reality, bathrooms should be a calming and relaxing space. Think about what you need to store in your bathroom (toiletries, medicine, towels, etc.) and design around that.
  • Consider the details. Make sure nothing you choose will look disjointed when put together. Make sure you’re not designing a space that is hard to move around in, or hard to clean.
  • Design a bathroom that is functional. It should be easy to use and clean. Everything in this space should be easily accessible, well-functioning, and lit properly. Function should never be compromised in bathroom design. Install a sink/shower height that is appropriate for members of the household who will be using it.
  • Add natural light to the bathroom, if possible. Windows/daylight can help make a bathroom appear bigger. Installing a skylight introduces light into the room without taking away wall space.
  • Install artificial lights in the ways you need it. Make sure you find like that illuminates properly for shaving, brushing teeth, putting on makeup, showering, etc.
  • Create a focal point in the room to make the room more exciting, whether that’s a decorative mirror or accent color.

As you can see, these design tips/rules/principles can help you design a better-looking and functioning bathroom. Any tips or principles we didn’t list that you want to include in your bathroom renovation?

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