There are lots of items outside the home that are necessary, but they are also unsightly. Garbage pins. AC units. Compost piles. These items look better when they’re hidden and not on display.  Some items can be hidden or moved into the garage, but then you’re taking up precious garage space. In southern Florida, where the homes don’t have basements, it’s essential to maximize space.

For this article, we wanted to share with you some ideas to hide those items that are on your property.

  • Build an enclosure with beautiful woodwork to high garbage and recycling bins. You can design an easy to lift cover/roof to throw bags into without having to pull out the bins each time. To make the enclosure even more attractive, have it match the home’s design and architecture, so it looks like a mini version of your home – it will look like it belongs. No more eyesores!
  • Build storage under a deck or storage. You can enclose the deck/porch with siding and shed-style doors. You can incorporate a bench seat at deck level that can be opened where you can drop the garbage or recycling into the opened bins hidden below. Easy access!


  • You can give the storage for the bins a roof with plants growing out of it so it blends more in with the landscape.


  • Surround the bins, bikes, toys, etc. with a trellis/wire fence and plant vine plants. They will be hidden from view by nature.


  • If you like modern, create hidden storage with a steel enclosure instead of wood.


  • Fence off your side yard to hide any items.


  • Build an open-top enclosure for an AC unit. Make sue there is open slats on the sides too for lots of ventilation.

These are just a few of the ways you can hide toys, bikes, equipment, AC units, bins, compost, and more on your property.

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