Health and wellness are important, but it isn’t just about choosing the apple over the chocolate cake, the spaces around us contribute to our wellness and well-being too. If you put thought into your kitchen design, you can help create a healthier lifestyle for yourself.

We wanted to share some ideas with you on how to design a kitchen that can help jumpstart a healthier life.

  • Use natural or recycled materials like stone, glass, and wood.
  • Make the space sustainable using non-toxic materials.
  • Using materials with little to no volatile organic compounds.
  • Find ways to design lots of ventilation or fresh air into the space (vents, windows, skylights).
  • Install climate-controlled cabinets.
  • Install watering features into your cabinets or indoor (kitchen) garden to keep food fresh.
  • Keep the kitchen minimalistic.
  • Reduce the number of appliances for less noise.
  • Install open shelves, purchase a shallow, glass-front fridge, and install glass-door cabinets, so you can see food, use it, and not let it go to waste.
  • Keep food cabinets shallow so you purchase less processed foods.
  • Install a roomy island with lots of seating.
  • Create an open-concept kitchen that flows into other rooms.
  • Make space for big prep and cooking surfaces.


Through the above ideas, you’re creating spaces to prepare healthy meals and showcase healthier foods. You’re creating an open, flowy space that give you a freer feeling and peace of mind. You’re creating a space to enjoy time with other around foods.

Have some natural, healthy design ideas for a new kitchen? We’d love to hear them and turn them into a reality for you.

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