A bathroom doesn’t just have to be a bathroom.  With the right design elements and features, a bathroom can be an escape – your own personal oasis. A bathroom can be a place for you to relax, unwind, catch up on reading, shows, self-care, grooming, and more. We spend a lot of our lives using the bathroom, so we might as well create a space for ourselves that is inviting.

How can you transform your bathroom from blah to your own personal spa? Here are some tips:

  • Update your faucets, handles, and racks to be gold, rose cold, or ornate for a fancier look.
  • Install a clawfoot tub with a caddy laying atop it.
  • Install open shelves to place candles, towels, soaps, and décor.
  • Bring air plants and succulents into the room.
  • Install a fireplace and sitting area in one part of the bathroom.
  • Arrange candles throughout the room.
  • Lay down rugs for a sophisticated look.
  • Hang large artwork in the bathroom.
  • Put soaps, lotions, shampoos into dispensers – you can pick any colors or patterns you like to match the room.
  • Find different ways to be creative with how you store and hang towels. For example, build a ladder is a nice design element that can also hold your towels.
  • Declutter the room by storing items in drawers and closets for a cleaner look.
  • Use whites, nudes, blues, and grays to create a spa-like feel.
  • Install a waterfall shower.
  • Install a makeup vanity, away from the sink, with big lights for you to sit an pamper yourself at.

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