Space in a home can sometimes be an issue – especially in the kitchen. Pots, pans, appliances, plates, silverware, food – there’s a lot to store away in this room. Now, if you have no plans to move, how can you maximize the space in your kitchen? A kitchen renovation! Our team at Sunset Builders & Maintenance can renovate your kitchen to include clever and smart storage solutions, so you can have a beautiful new kitchen that neatly stores away everything you currently own.

For this blog article, we wanted to share some kitchen storage renovation ideas that you may want to add into your new kitchen.  Each year, there are new solutions to make kitchen storage and functionality easier.

  • Install a cabinet with a pull-out tiered insert to help better organize lids and containers in a neat fashion.
  • Create a pullout that gives more counter space (maybe a chipping board) with a hole to throw trash into the bin/storage below.
  • Install toe-kick drawers, which are thin drawers near your feet/floor. This extra space never gets used but can be great to store racks and pans.
  • Design narrow pull-out cabinets to hold cutting boards and baking sheets.
  • Install a pullout under the kitchen sink. You don’t have to search far with a pullout.
  • Create a pullout rack where you can store linens and tablecloths – by hanging them in a rack they will get less wrinkly than in a drawer folded.
  • Design deep pullouts to store small appliances like a blender.
  • Install a pullout with built-in cannisters to store all silverware and kitchen tools so they won’t take up space sprawled in a drawer or on a counter.
  • Install a charging drawer where you can plug in devices and keep them away from food and water.
  • Create pullouts with levels to store food.

Looking to create a space-saving kitchen? We can turn your ideas into a reality. At Sunset Builders & Maintenance, we are experts in kitchen remodeling. Let us transform your bathroom!

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