A bedroom doesn’t have to be just for sleep. In fact, people spend a lot of time in their rooms for many other reasons. From watching TV and reading a book to socializing with a loved one or scrolling through your phone, a bedroom provides a space to relax, unwind, and be happy.

Since you want to turn to your bedroom to relax or “escape,” you want to design the room to be welcoming while also suiting your needs and wants. You want the room to give off positive, peaceful vibes. You want the room to be able to house your belongings. You want the room to reflect you.

The design of your bedroom is just as important as any other room in the house, even if guests don’t see or frequent this room at all.

As a professional renovation contractor, we wanted to share some bedroom renovation ideas for you to consider if your bedroom needs a makeover. We want to help you design the bedroom of your dreams.

  • Choose colors that make you happy. If you want peaceful colors, choose whites, light grays, and light blues. However, bold colors can make a bedroom fun and happy.
  • Add depth and volume to a room by adding elements and texture like printed wallpaper, wood beams, molding, etc.
  • Add additional or bigger windows to the bedroom to bring in additional light and the illusion of more space.
  • Build shelving and cabinets into the walls to save floor space and create more storage. These shelves can also be open-shelves, which can bring a decorative element to the room.
  • Add a skylight for added light and character.
  • Create a sitting area space in the room separate from the bed area so you have a space to talk, read, and relax without being in bed.
  • Install a heated floor, so on those colder winter nights, you won’t step onto a freezing ground.
  • Paint the walls, closets, and cabinets neutral (timeless) colors that won’t get boring, while using throw pillows, throw rugs, and décor to experiment with fun designs, materials, and prints.

When it comes to bedroom renovation, the ideas are endless. We can’t wait to hear your ideas. When you are looking for top-quality craftsmanship and service, as well as a company you can trust, count on Sunset Builders & Maintenance to renovate your bedroom.

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