Home renovation is whatever you want it to be. If you want to update a kitchen, that’s home renovation. If you want to transform a bedroom into a mancave, that’s a home renovation. Whatever you want to renovate, our team is ready for the challenge. For this article, we wanted to talk about home offices. With longer work weeks and remote jobs, more people are opting for home offices in their homes. Unfortunately, many homes aren’t built with an extra room for a home office in mind; however, we can turn one of your existing rooms into a home office or find empty/wasted space in your home and transform that into an office area/space for you.

We can create a custom home office for you based on your budget, space, and needs – some people require more space than others. You want your home office to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, since you’ll be spending a lot of time in there.

Our renovation team at Sunset Builders & Maintenance has put together some home office ideas that you may want to incorporate into your home office.


  • Install built-in shelves to hold books, folders, and other items you need for work, especially if you cannot fit a big desk or drawers in the room.
  • Think about lighting. Are you an artist that needs a certain kind of light? Do you stare at a computer screen all day? By letting us know your occupation, we can design the best lighting plan for the room.
  • If you like a high-class, old-school look, choose dark woods for the walls and floors – the room will look professional and sleek.
  • If you have the space, create a sitting area where you can take a little break in the room if you don’t feel like venturing to other parts of the house.
  • Install a mini fridge in the room for snacks and drinks, so you don’t have to leave the room for a quick drink.
  • Install more or bigger windows if possible. You don’t want to feel cramped and isolated when you work. Windows will give you a view, but also help your office space appear bigger.
  • Let us know how much technology will be in the room. Computers? Printers? Scanners? Screens? Phones? By knowing what and how much technology will reside in the room, we can install outlets in appropriate places, and even make them hidden.
  • Decide if you need a lock on the door to keep the kiddos out from bothering you – they mean well but sometimes you must buckle down and meet a deadline! Also, the lock can prevent family/strangers from accessing confidential information.

Need a home office? Let us create one for you! We will sit down with you and create an office space that makes sense for your space and work.

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