Does a room in your home need a makeover? Kitchen? Bathroom?Believe it or not, a home renovation is a big undertaking. Sure, it’s not like building a new home, but a home renovation project could take three to six months depending on the scope of your project.

Home remodeling can be fun. You get to pick out new cabinetry,colors, flooring, tiles, etc. However, there’s a major decision you need to make before the design decisions occur: What contractor are you hiring?

The contractor will make your dream a reality. The contractor will be spending an extended period of time in your home, so you want to hire someone who is trustworthy, credible, experienced, and skilled. You want to hire a qualified, licensed, insured contractor.

As remodeling contractors, ourselves, our team wanted to share with you some things to do and think about before choosing a contractor.

  • Look for recommendations for a contractor from family and friends. You can actually seethe contractor’s work in person to see if you like the craftsmanship. Your loved ones will also be hones with you.
  • Look for a contractor near you on the National Association of Remodeling Industry list.
  • Reach out to the Better Business Bureau or your state or town to see if there is any disputes or issues in the past or ongoing with a contractor that you’re interested in.
  • Research a few contractors to compare.
  • Meet with a contractor in person to see if you connect well.
  • Ask the contractor for contact information of previous clients, how long he/she has been remodeling homes, how many projects does he/she work on at a time, and if he/she can handle this size project.
  • Visit the contractor’s job sites or past construction work.
  • Ask the contractor for a quote with a break down of labor costs, materials, other expenses, etc.
  • Ask the contractor what his/her payment schedule is.
  • Ask yourself if the contractor is trustworthy, skilled, and can communicate effectively.

Looking for a remodeling contractor? Look no further!  At Sunset Builders& Maintenance, we pride ourselves on integrity and quality craftsmanship.We thank our great crew and the hundreds of customers every year who entrust us with complete building renovations, new window and door installations and numerous other remodeling projects.

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