The kitchen island can change the entire look of a kitchen. Most likely, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, and so do your loved ones. The kitchen island is a place to prepare food, cook food, serve food, serve drinks, eat food, and stand around and engage in conversation. The kitchen island is multi-purpose.

The kitchen island’s size, look, shape, and purpose should reflect your wants and needs. Do you have a big family? Do you have a big kitchen? Do you host a lot of parties? Do you have a lot of kitchenware? Do you cook often? The answers to these questions will determine how you design your kitchen island.

At Sunset Builders & Maintenance, we are experts in kitchen renovations. We will look at your kitchen and help you design the ideal kitchen island for you based on your needs, wants, and the size of your kitchen.

For this article, we’ve gathered together a list of different kitchen island design ideas. A new kitchen island can help bring your kitchen to life – it will be a great focal point in the room.

  • Choose a round kitchen island instead of a square or rectangle island. If you have a lot of gatherings, the round island is better for socializing. The round kitchen island will also help the room look bigger.
  • If you build a two-level kitchen island, you can use one level for eating and serving while the other level is for cooking and preparing food.
  • Install shelves, cabinets, drawers, and wine racks into the sides of the island to create more storage space into your kitchen. The shelves and storage can also be a fun way for you to display décor, appliances, books, wine bottles, and more.
  • Choose contrasting colors for the countertop and cabinetry – this will be a bold look.
  • Build a TV into the island that can sink down under the countertop when you are not using it.
  • Put your stove top on the island if you don’t have enough room on your other counters.
  • Put an additional sink in the island.
  • Install a one-level island with nothing on it for a simple, clean look.
  • Install USB cords and outlets into the island so you can easily charge devices and use appliances from the island without having to stretch cords.

These kitchen island upgrade ideas just scratch the surface of the possibilities! Come to us with all your kitchen island ideas and we can help make your vision a reality!

Ready to install a new kitchen island? Our team at Sunset Builders & Maintenance are experts in kitchen renovations.

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