What makes one of the first impressions on your home? You know,before people even go inside. You guessed it: the front door. A front door is the gateway to your world – behind that door is a space filled with your wants,needs, personal tastes, and loved ones.

If you like making a statement in your home design, you should go big with your front door, as well. Of course, a front door should be sturdy and isolated properly to keep out unwanted guests and weather, but it should also be aesthetically pleasing.

Your front door can give guests a taste of what’s behind it. What story do you want your front door to tell? Do you want it to be subtle and neutral? Or extravagant and loud? When designing or remodeling your home, don’t forget about the front door!

Our team at Sunset Builders & Maintenance are professionals at installing doors for customers in Sanibel Island and Southwest Florida. A new door can boost your home’s beauty, lower your electric costs, prevent hurricane damage, and burglary loses.

We wanted to share some front door ideas with you if you are looking to replace or upgrade your current front door.

  • Opt for textured glass on the front door for an artsy look and feel.
  • Order an extra-wide front door to make your entrance grander.
  • Install a pivoting front door – this will help you save space inside the house.
  • Install a handle with a handle guard across the entire width of the door for a unique look.
  • Choose an all-glass front door for a modern look. Glass doors let a lot of light into the home.
  • Design a door with custom carvings that are meaningful to you.
  • Pick a door with different patterns either in the material or design for a beautiful look.
  • Choose a bright, bold color that will contrast the color of your home.
  • Install a door with a rounded/arched top for a unique and Gothic look.
  • Choose a wood (or painted) front door for a classic, rustic look.  

These are just a few door ideas, but we know you can come up with more. We’d love to see what kind of door you’d like to install in your home. We will work with you to find a door that makes sense for your home. Our doors have a one-year installation warranty.

Need a new front door? Is it letting too much air in? Is it shaky? It is ugly? Let us install you a new door!  To see some photos of our work and learn more about our door services, click our Sanibel door installation page. Sunset Builders & Maintenance is a licensed and insured family-owned construction, remodeling, and maintenance company. We do work in Sanibel Island, Fort Myers and other Southwest Florida cities. To schedule a consult with us, click Sanibel remodeling contractors or call 239-233-2152.