Love color and want to add more of it into your home? You can! Whether you’re doing a full home/room renovation or some smaller changes, as a home renovation contractor, we wanted to share some ideas with you of how to add some colors  in your kitchen in a tasteful, attractive way.

  • Install accent doors into the kitchen, whether it’s the kitchen door or cabinet doors. You can put colors on just a few cabinets or panels without being too overwhelming with colors in the whole room.  You can always easily repaint these cabinets to other colors (or a neutral color) if you change your mind or get bored.
  • Wallpaper is a great addition to add a splash of color in the kitchen.
  • Paint an accent wall. The cabinets can also break up the color of the wall, so it isn’t overwhelming. You can always change the color of this one wall very easily.
  • Add colors in with your kitchen seating.
  • Add colored or patterned pillows to deep chairs or a dining banquet in the kitchen. Pillows are a great way to add a little bit of colors in different hues and tones. You can experiment with color with pillows.
  • Choose colored pendant lights to hang over your kitchen island and/or sink.
  • Installing open shelves is a great way to add color. Your plate ware or décor will add color throughout the room.
  • Window treatments and rugs allow for you to subtly add colors or patterns to the room.
  • Modern color-changing LED lights allow you to play around with colors to reflect an event, mood, want or need of yours.

This list is just the beginning of ways you can add colors to your kitchen with a renovation.

We can’t wait to hear about your kitchen renovation and color ideas.

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