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Owner and operator of Sunset Builders & Maintenance, LLC, Marc Arnett is a Certified Building Contractor with over 16 years in the building industry. Marc is striving to grow a company that fosters, develops and values honesty and integrity, and a strong commitment to "do the right thing".

Bathroom Remodeling Planning and Ideas for 2018

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Bathroom Remodeling Planning and Ideas for 2018; a detailed Guide to get it right the first time. Bathroom Remodeling Planning and Ideas for 2018 will walk you thru questions like where to begin, what to buy, how much it will cost or how long will a bathroom remodeling project take? By writing in segments;

Looking for someone to renovate my bathroom; Cheaply! Why a Well-Written Contract is Crucial

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Don’t use This Guy to do work for you... He ripped us off! Does this title look familiar? I see it and many others like it every day on various social media sites. Unfortunately, I see this title just as many times and likely from the people that posted the first time. Foregoing the potentially

DIY Dryer Repair – It Went Thunk! Then it Went Clunk!

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DIY Dryer Repair IT WENT THUNK! THEN IT WENT CLUNK! If you own a tool box and know how to use the tools inside of it, chances are you have had a friend or relative call you up and ask you to come over and fix something and upon arrival you realize they have already

Fix Air Leaks Around Doors and Windows: The Case of the Door That Would Not Close

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Fix Air Leaks Around Doors and Windows - Are You Cooling Your Neighbors Space? The Case of the Door that Would Not Close Recently, in a meeting with my web designer, she complained about the gap in her front door and the fact that it was allowing so much cold air out of her home.  After

Qualified Project Leads in the Construction Industry

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Lead Generating Companies The other day I was driving in my truck and I hear an advertisement from a well-known company offering a place for listeners to go and check up on contractors.  Not five seconds after this commercial started to play, my phone rings.  On the other end of the line was a sales

The Marriage

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The Successful Marriage between Contractor and Customer Any construction project is like a marriage; you have the bride and groom or the contractor and the customer and the ring or the project.  The bride can be the most beautiful woman of your dreams but if the groom doesn’t show up on time to the wedding

How to Select a Contractor – Part II

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Lets talk about selecting the right contractor for your job. Recently, I was called to meet with a potential client that wanted the following list of things done to her home; a) remove and replace existing decking on back patio and stairs, b) extend existing pool cage to include extending the concrete apron, c)