Bathrooms are frequented rooms in our home. From cleaning and pampering to relaxing and changing, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Our families, friends, guests, and more spend time in our bathrooms, as well. Since we spend so much time in the bathroom, it’s important that we create a space we love. We want these rooms to feel welcoming since we will be in them often.

For this article, we wanted to share with you some ideas for your bathroom to help you make it more welcoming and inviting.

  • Stone tile will give your bathroom a spa-feel. It’s also a very functional tile and makes the room look sleeker and more sophisticated.
  • Use a lot of white or off-white to make your bathroom feel larger. This color will also balance well with warmer colors and elements in the room.
  • Subdued grays and beiges can balance out both warm and cool colors and elements in the room. These colors are also great for a contemporary look.
  • Find a balance between traditional and contemporary elements in the room to make the bathroom feel modern but not too cold and minimal.
  • Bring texture into the room as a design element such as woven baskets, folded towels, plants, metal finishes, wood pieces, and more.
  • Install a furniture-style vanity.
  • Choose colors that make you happy and feel inviting to you.
  • Install in-floor heating so your floor will never be icy-cold during those cooler months.
  • Patterns in tile and wallpaper can add warmth and life to the room.
  • Metal and gold tones add warmth to a space.
  • Wall niches add functional storage space to the room and create a relaxed vibe.
  • Interesting mirrors can add personality to the space.

We can’t wait to hear about your bathroom renovation ideas. We would love to work with you to help make your bathroom a more welcoming, functional space.

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