When Do You Need a Contractor?

This question came up a few days ago in a conversation with a good friend of mine. This person knows what I do for a living and how long I’ve been doing it; so, the question came as a bit of a surprise to me. I thought about the answer and came up with the following:

1) When it’s Required:

a. Almost any remodeling project that takes place in a multi-family home (i.e. Condominium) will require a licensed professional to complete the work. (there are a few exceptions to this, I suggest you consult your local building department for clarification).

2) When a project involves multiple trades:

a. Yes, as a single-family homeowner, you can serve as “owner-builder”, and you may even save yourself a few dollars. However, just because you think can do something doesn’t mean you should!

b. When one trade’s work crosses over into another trade’s work there should be a third party (the contractor) to oversee the work and ensure both trades have professionally installed their work and not damaged the other trade’s work.

When do you need a contractor?

A Contractor oversees the work of all tradesmen or subs –  they know the codes and the process and will make sure the job gets done right.

3) When your personal experience is lacking:

a. This ties into #2 above. How can you be sure that the work you are paying for is being done properly when you don’t know what proper work is?

b. This also applies to you attempting to do a job yourself. The DIY shows make projects look so easy, but trust me, the ones that make it look easy most likely have spent many hours perfecting their craft.

c. Contractors do what they do more frequently than you and will likely do a better job.

When do you need a contractor?

When do you need a Contractor? When you want to get the job done!

4) When you want to ensure the project gets done:

a. How many times have you walked into a friend’s home when they are starting some remodeling project only to return several weeks later to find all the tools and supplies stored in a spare bedroom or the garage? Most likely, the experience factor came into play, or a key tool was not available.

5) When your tools leave a bit to be desired:

a. I know a carpenter that owns a $250.00 framing hammer and a $400.00 level (and that’s just two of his tools). Professionals tend to invest in professional-grade tools because they expect top-level results. DIY’ers will rarely ever spend this kind of money on tools.

6) When you want to avoid any personal liability that would be involved if a friend or neighbor got hurt while working on your project.

7) When you want the boss to be happy.

 Let’s face it, you have a job that you do on a regular basis and are most likely very good at it; go do it and leave the construction to us.

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