About to embark on a bathroom renovation? Congrats! A new bathroom can really transform the look and feel of your home. You can make it go from drab to fab. Even with a bathroom renovation, there’s a lot of parts to think about: the bathtubs, walls, lighting, counter tops, sinks, mirrors, flooring, and more. For this article, we wanted to focus on different bathroom sinks you can add to your renovation project. A sink can drastically change the look of a room – modern, antique, classic, etc.

  • Undermount sinks sit under the counter. The rim of this sink is fixed to the underside of the countertop. These types of sinks look seamless and clean. It’s an easy-to-clean sink. An undermount sink only works with stone countertops not laminate. They are more expensive than top-mount sinks.
  • Top-mount sinks (also known as drop-in sinks) sit on top of the counter (just the rim is about the counter). These sinks work with most countertop materials. They are less costly than undermount sinks. They look minimalistic but it is harder to wipe messes and water from the counter into the sink.
  • Pedestal sinks are a wall-mounted sink and it’s a good option if your waste pipe must go through the floor. It’s an attractive-looking sink – very classic looking. The con to this sink is that it has no storage space underneath and it can be harder to clean around.
  • Vessel sinks sits completely on top of the countertop. These sinks make a statement and are a great focal point in a bathroom. They hold a lot of water. They can be harder to clean.
  • All-in-one countertop with sink is when the sink is molded as part of the countertop – it can be made from porcelain, acrylic or other materials. This type of sink is easy to clean. It has no ridges or seams. It’s a good family-bathroom sink.
  • Semirecessed sinks are good if you have limited space or a small bathroom. They have cabinet/storage space below. This is a good option for children. There isn’t any countertop in the front to catch water so splashing and spills can happen more often.
  • Wall-mounted sinks are mounted to the wall without sitting on a countertop. They have a minimalist look. There are no cabinets below which gives more floor area to make the room appear bigger. There is no storage space.
  • A washplane sink take up little space, are slim and stylish. They work well in spaces that are limited or tight. They are good for powderooms. They don’t hold a lot of water.

What kind of sink do you want in your bathroom? Your sink decision will depend on the size of your room, style, storage needs, and where the piping is located.

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