Does your bathroom need a makeover? Maybe it’s too dark? Maybe it feels too small? If you’re considering renovating your bathroom, there’s lots of changes you can make to enhance and revamp the room without having to demo the entire space or without having to cost you an arm and a leg.

One part of the bathroom you can update is your mirror(s). A different mirror (shape, color, size, height) can completely transform your bathroom. A new mirror can make your bathroom appear brighter or bigger.

A mirror is also an element in the room where you can have fun. Mirrors don’t have to be plain. Instead of wall art, your mirror can be artsy. A mirror can make your room feel eccentric, elegant, glamorous, rustic, etc.

At Sunset Builders & Maintenance, we’ve installed our share of mirrors over the years, so we wanted to share some fun and varied bathroom mirror ideas with you.

  • If you have a single sink, install an unframed round mirror. The circle shape brings some character to all the sharper edges in the room.
  • If you have little wall space, install suspended mirrors. These mirrors hang from the ceiling by cables. This is a very modern look.
  • If you have a small bathroom with no window, install wrap around or large mirrors that take up most of the wall space. The mirror will brighten up the room and make the bathroom look bigger than it is.
  • If you have people in your household of different heights, install a pivoting mirror.
  • For an artsy look and to create more space, install a mirror on top of a mirror. Use different sizes and cuts.
  • For another artsy look, install a mirror with a very ornate frame.
  • For a dramatic effect, install a tall thin mirror with a thin frame.
  • For a fun and creative look, install a bunch of mirrors with different sizes, styles, and frames – this allows you to decorate/design the room without having to redo the floor, toilet, counter, or tub.

Just from a mirror switch, you can have a completely new bathroom! We want to hear your bathroom mirror ideas!

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