A front porch is like a giant welcome mat for your home. The porch is the first thing your guests will step into and it’s usually the first thing onlookers will notice from the street. With that said, you want to design and build a front porch that is welcoming and aesthetically-please front porch.

At Sunset Builders & Maintenance, we specialize in professional installation and replacement of outdoor stairs, decks and porches in Southwest Florida.

We take our clients through the process of engineering and permitting and help them design a porch, deck or stair system of their dreams.

For this article, we wanted to share some design ideas to create a welcoming porch on your home.

  • Make your porch approachable. You want to design a walkway that leads guests and visitors straight to the porch. You also want to arrange plants around the porch to make the front door the focal point. Place a chair, or two, or three on the porch to hang out or for visitors to sit down and talk with you or wait for you.
  • Keep the porch clean and organized. Remember to clean your porch like any other room in your home. You need to sweep, dust, and wash it, as needed. Keep plants trimmed and shake out/wash rugs and cushions regularly. Purchase furniture that is attractive and fits well in the space. Add some style and flair to your porch with décor and colors but keep it simple and arranged so it doesn’t look cluttered or tacky.
  • Make your porch look open and sheltered at the same time. Install railings. Buy plants and shades. Hang décor. Design borders on the floor of the porch. Have a wall or two, stone ledges or columns to border or frame the porch to add privacy while still allowing for a clear view of the yard and street.
  • Purchase and arrange furnishing for comfort and conversation. What you buy for your porch depends on your budget, the size of your porch, and the way you plan to use the space. You also want to buy products that reflect the climate you live in.
  • Add light sources from the ceiling, wall, floor, or end tables.

Once you know how you plan to use your front porch, we can help design you a space where you can welcome guests, socialize, gather, converse, eat, drink, and more!

We look forward to hearing about your front porch ideas. We have years of experience and will work with you every step of the way of creating a welcoming porch.

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